ST21 Robotech Macross VF1J Full Armour Version Statue


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  • Material: Polystone, Resin, ABS Plastic
  • Material: Polystone, PVC Plastic
  • Dimension: 48cm (H) X 35cm (L) X 35cm (W)
  • LED Lights: Head X 1, Shoulders X 2, Cannon X 1
  • More than 20 LED at the stand base
  • Detail sculpture with Weathering and Damaging effects



ST21 Robotech Macross VF1J Full Armour Version Statue

ST21 Robotech Macross VF1J Full Armour Version Statue

Manufacturer:Kids Logic Co Ltd
Licensed By:Harmony Gold USA,Inc

Limited: 800 pieces


Kids Logic is proud to present Veritech/Valkyrie VF1J Full Armour Version from Robotech: Macross Saga. Base on the Episode 9, “Miss Macross”, a TV station is launched on the Macross, and to celebrate, the first ever ‘Miss Macross’ beauty pageant takes place. Minmay enters, but by doing so she ends up missing dinner with Rick Hunter on the same night. A Zentradi spy ship approaches the Macross and with Max and Kakizaki on leave, Rick intercepts it alone with the Valkyrie VF1J Full Armour Version.

The statue stands about 48cm tall and comes with LED lights on the head, shoulders, cannon and the flame part on the base. With the detail sculpture and strong weathering and damaging effects, it fully represents the dynamic pose shown on the TV anime.

It is a must-have item for the collectors and fans of Robotech.

Development Team:

Creative Producer: Kenneth Kan
Sculptor: Wachinont Honthaisong
Prototype Painter: Mick Lee
Production Manager: CM Wong

Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different.

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